Discover the Best Beaches in Pembrokeshire

Dec 1, 2023


Welcome to Little Retreats, your guide to the best beach experiences in Pembrokeshire! Pembrokeshire, located on the southwest coast of Wales, is known for its stunning coastline, pristine sandy beaches, and breathtaking coastal landscapes. Whether you are in search of relaxation, adventure, or simply a chance to connect with nature, Pembrokeshire offers a wide range of beautiful beaches to fulfill your desires.

Why Pembrokeshire?

Pembrokeshire is a true gem, offering an array of picturesque beaches that cater to every preference. Whether you are seeking golden sandy shores, dramatic cliffsides, or tranquil hidden coves, Pembrokeshire has it all. The region's coastal landscapes have been designated as a National Park, ensuring their protection and preservation for generations to come.

Top Beaches in Pembrokeshire

1. Barafundle Bay

Situated on the southwestern tip of Pembrokeshire, Barafundle Bay is often referred to as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters and soft golden sands, this secluded bay provides an idyllic setting for a peaceful retreat. Surrounded by lush greenery and untouched dunes, Barafundle Bay offers a sense of tranquility that is truly unmatched.

2. Whitesands Bay

If you are a fan of water sports and surfing, Whitesands Bay is the perfect destination for you. Known for its consistent waves and excellent surf conditions, this Blue Flag beach attracts surfers from all around the globe. Even if you're not into surfing, the sweeping bay and its panoramic views make it a great spot for a leisurely stroll.

3. Tenby South Beach

Tenby South Beach, located in the charming seaside town of Tenby, offers a vibrant atmosphere and a range of activities for visitors of all ages. This sandy beach is backed by colorful Georgian buildings, creating a picturesque backdrop that invites you to relax and soak up the sun. With its clear waters, golden sands, and nearby amenities, Tenby South Beach is a must-visit when exploring Pembrokeshire.

4. Marloes Sands

If you're looking for a hidden gem, Marloes Sands is the perfect choice. Accessible via a picturesque coastal path, this remote beach rewards you with stunning views and a sense of seclusion. With its dramatic rock formations and diverse wildlife, including seals and seabirds, Marloes Sands offers a unique and unforgettable beach experience.

5. Newport Sands

Newport Sands, located near the seaside town of Newport, offers a wide stretch of sandy beach and ample space for relaxation and play. With its clean waters and panoramic views of the Nevern Estuary, this beach is ideal for family days out, picnics, and long walks along the shore. The nearby town provides various amenities, including shops and cafes, adding to the convenience of your visit.

Exploring Pembrokeshire's Coastal Path

One of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in the beauty of Pembrokeshire's beaches is by exploring the renowned Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Spanning 186 miles, this national trail offers stunning views of the coastline, charming villages, and of course, access to numerous beaches along the way. Whether you choose to embark on a short stroll or a multi-day trek, the coastal path will introduce you to some of the region's most breathtaking scenery.


Pembrokeshire's beaches are truly a paradise waiting to be discovered. From the famous Barafundle Bay to the hidden gems like Marloes Sands, each beach offers a unique experience that will leave you longing to return. Whether you're seeking tranquility, adventure, or simply a chance to unwind, the beaches of Pembrokeshire have something for everyone. So pack your bags, grab your beach towel, and get ready to explore the stunning beauty of Pembrokeshire's coastline with Little Retreats.

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